A Proper Diet Plan for the Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman needs extended nutrition and care during her pregnancy term. It is of great importance to the baby and her mother. A diet with complete nutrition, proteins, and calories is a must for everyone but in the case of pregnancy, its importance increases. A lack of diet may affect the baby’s spinal cord, brain, and overall growth. During the trimester, a woman needs to take 400 to 500 extra calories each day for the proper growth of a baby. On the contrary, she needs to avoid carbonated drinks, caffeine intake, smoking, and alcohol consumption too. A pregnant lady should take a proper amount of folic acid, calcium, iron, and protein to keep herself as well as the child healthy. The benefits and purpose of these nutrients are discussed below keeping in view the opinions of experts.

Use of Folic Acid:

Vitamin B is the other and normally known name of folic acid. It is known as “Folate” when it is found in foods. It is very important for the spinal cord and the optimal growth of the brain of the baby. If a proper amount of folic acid is not given to the mother with a child in her belly, the baby may suffer from neural tube defects. Folate is commonly found in slices of bread, fruits, pieces of pasta, enriched cereals, and green leafy vegetables. It is hard to fulfill the complete need of folic acid through food alone. This is the reason doctors advise the patient to take vitamin supplements daily in the 9th month of the pregnancy to stymie the brain and spinal cord issues. It is also advised for such a woman to take 400 micrograms of folic acid each day to stay healthy.

Calcium – A Must:

Calcium is very important for the growth of bones and teeth of a baby. It is a well-known fact that bones and teeth are made up of calcium. If a mother does not take enough amount of calcium to fulfill the needs of the baby, this calcium will be extracted from the bones of this pregnant woman. There are multiple researchers in the field of nutrition that suffice that dairy products have the ability and contain enough calcium to overcome this need of a baby. The food includes milk, cheese, yogurt, calcium juices, and foods. A pregnant woman under the age of 19 needs 1300 milligrams of calories daily, while those who are above 19 need round about 1000 milligrams of calcium a day.

Important is Iron:

The iron filled diet for a pregnant woman is indispensable. Iron is very important for the blood making of a baby. If the iron supply remains on the lower side, a baby may suffer from anemia. If suffering from anemia, a baby will have an increased risk of infections and fatigue problems. Iron is commonly found in almost all fruits containing Vitamin C. Orange juice in the morning will help verily. A pregnant woman’s need for iron is almost double to other women. Normally, such a woman may take 28 milligrams of iron every day.

Provide the Protein:

Protein is of immense importance for the baby because it helps in building the organs of a baby. Surely, you want the organs of your baby to be in good shape and running smoothly. The important organs of the body like the heart and brain are also built by protein. It is easily found in meat, fish, beans, poultry, and nuts. A pregnant mother should take a handsome amount of protein daily to keep her baby in good shape.

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