Causes of Excessive Sweating in Diabetic Patients

One can sweat for multiple causes however excessive sweating is dangerous for health in most of the cases. A few probing questions to yourself may get you an answer for your sweating. If you are suffering from fever or infection; if you undergo pain while sweating; is only part of your body undergoes sweating; are your soles, armpits, and palms also involved, is sweating is more during sleep, what is the blood glucose level during sweating periods?

If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned conditions, you should consult your doctor without any further delay. However, a patient with diabetes may have sweating complications because of sweat glands. Such a person has issues in maintaining body temperature and cooling down during hot weather. Moreover, it is also possible for a diabetic patient to sweat excessively even during the works of light exertion.

Autonomic Neuropathy:

Autonomic Neuropathy is seen in diabetic patients. In such conditions, due to high blood pressure, the nerves that function involuntarily are disturbed. In the human body, multiple systems are controlled and run by the autonomic nervous system. These systems include heartbeat rate, bladder control, the detection of hypoglycemia, and optimal sweating. Moreover, one can have dry feet issues under this nerve disease problem. It is important for such a person to check his feet regularly for the cracks, excessive dryness, bristles, and other infections. All these conditions occur along with sweating which is occurred by Autonomic Neuropathy.

Low Blood Glucose Level:

The condition of low blood glucose levels is also known as hypoglycemia. In this condition, the body of a person is triggered by a fight-or-flight response. Resultantly, excessive norepinephrine and adrenaline are produced by the body. In this condition, one may have heavy sweating or shakiness and anxiety. To avert this issue, it is your responsibility to manage your diabetes efficaciously and keep in check the glucose level of your body. This check will reduce the sweat issue.

Heart Complications:

All patients of diabetes are extremely vulnerable to cardiovascular issues. Excessive sweating can also lead to heart failure, stroke, or a heart attack on severe cases. Moreover, if you think you have chills, shaking, and fever, you should consult your doctor without even wasting a minute.

Kidney Issues:

In a diabetic patient, excessive sweating can also mean kidney disease but this is also seen in the patients of chronic kidney disease. Such patients are more vulnerable to the blood sugar level and can also be affected by the medications. In some cases, one can undergo low blood pressure which results in sweating. To avert this situation, it is important to regularly get yourself checked from your doctor and see if you are suffering from any kidney disease. If you are already a patient of chronic kidney disease, it is compulsory for you to always remain in contact with your doctor and keep your checkup on track.


One can also have excessive sweating because of the medications he/she is taking. Most of the patients of diabetes take medicines to regulate their diabetes. Sometimes, there are a few medicines that lead to excessive sweating. These medicines include supplements, dry mouth medicines, antibiotics, psychiatric drugs, and blood pressure medicines. Now you are aware of the fact that you can have excessive sweating because of the medicines above, you can ask your doctor to give you a better suggestion in this regard.


Obesity is one of the principal causes of multiple diseases including sweating and cardiovascular diseases. One who has obesity would lead to multiple disorders. If any person with an obesity condition is undergoing excessive sweating, he/she should go and consult his/her doctor.


One can have sweating because of high blood glucose levels. Stress also compels the heart to commence beating harder and harder which sometimes leads to a heart attack. To manage your stress issues, you should have a meeting with your psychologist and manage this stress issue.

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