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Great effect with little effort: Simply compare the current tariffs to determine a cheap car insurance for your vehicle – free of charge and without obligation. Experience has shown that the savings potential is considerable, after all there are several hundred tariffs to choose from. However, these differ in many points that are not always apparent at first glance. Every insurance company has its strengths and weaknesses, which may be noticeable in your car. First of all, however, you should familiarize yourself with the important details that determine the quality of a tariff, because cheap car insurance does not necessarily have to be cheap. Here you find all important information.

Inexpensive car insurance: price and performance are crucial

Inexpensive car insurance: Find the cheapest provider now The insurance market is constantly changing, companies are not only changing the scope of insurance, but also the contributions. Depending on the course of business, they can thus influence future developments, for example by offering cheap car insurance for a certain period of time, advertising accordingly and thus acquiring new customers in a targeted manner. Certainly, the new customers will subsequently receive interesting suggestions for other insurance policies that will make up for the effort. Experience has shown that high-performance and inexpensive car insurance is extremely important to German consumers. If you save on contributions, that is an important first step. If claims are then settled smoothly, they are also open to other contracts - regardless of whether you took out your cheap car insurance through a broker, a sales representative or directly online.

However, you do not have to rely on the statements of an insurance broker if you want to get a good overview of the current market situation. Our comparison calculator gives you the transparency that makes it easy for you to make a decision. You can tailor the scope of insurance to your needs step by step, compare the current offers in terms of premiums and change the specifications if necessary. However, it is extremely important to analyze the details, which you can easily do by comparing selected tariffs. After all, it's not just about saving on the bottom line, but also about receiving the desired service package - although the differences in premiums are often enormous. Such a comparison is therefore also recommended if you are extremely satisfied with your previous insurer: on the one hand, the insurance conditions are regularly improving, on the other hand, they may be willing to negotiate if you submit a convincing offer for cheap car insurance.

Many consumers shy away from switching to the cheapest car insurance. This step only makes sense if the contractually guaranteed services meet your requirements. When choosing cheap car insurance, you can fall back on the test winner on the one hand, but you can also use customer experiences and ratings for orientation on the other. You don't have to fear any consequences from a change: You can make a new decision every year without any problems, since these are basically annual contracts and you take your personal no-claims class with you. The resulting percentages can be different for each insurance company, but the bottom line contribution is decisive. It is important that you organize the change carefully - then you can look forward to a smooth transition to cheap car insurance.

The key points: Essential criteria for cheap car insurance

First, let's look at the essential aspects that your car insurance should meet cheaply and reasonably:

  • Amounts insured in motor vehicle liability insurance
  • The legislator has stipulated which liability coverage sums the insurers have to guarantee as a minimum, viz.
  • 2.5 million euros per personal injury, whereby a total of 7.5 million euros must be available for the death or injury of at least three people,
  • 1.12 million euros for property damage as well
  • 50,000 euros for real financial losses.

You will come across offers that are based on a flat rate of 50 or 100 million euros for personal injury, property damage and financial losses. As a rule, benefits for personal injury are limited to eight to 15 million euros per person and damage. If the expenses after such damage exceed this limit, you are responsible for them yourself.

Inclusion of gross negligence in the comprehensive insurance
Not all insurers waive the defense of gross negligence, for example if you change a CD on the go or run a red light and cause an accident as a result. If you have only been careful to select the cheapest car insurance and have not attached any importance to this inclusion, you are alone with the repair costs caused in this way. Prevent these problems effectively and pay attention to this clause - the comparison gives you clear information.

Compensation at new value
If you buy a new car, this point is of interest to you: In contrast to normal tariffs, you can select special ones that promise you replacement value compensation for at least 12 or 24 months in the event of a total loss or theft. Your vehicle loses value, especially in the first few months, so that in an emergency you will receive significantly less than your car cost. If you have taken out financing or leased the vehicle, this would be particularly annoying: you have to pay the difference and still buy a new vehicle. Educate yourself versus ways to reduce this risk.

Damage caused by marten bites
This damage is part of the partial coverage and should definitely be included. However, the scope of insurance varies: Some insurers only reimburse the repair costs for the damaged hoses, cables or panels, while others also cover consequential damage up to a certain amount. Since the damage can be serious, especially with cracked brake or cooling lines, we recommend choosing a powerful yet inexpensive car insurer.

Collision with furred game
Accidents involving wild animals are covered by the partially comprehensive insurance policy. This is another point where cheap car insurance policies differ from inexpensive ones: A whole range of tariffs extends this insurance cover beyond the furred game that is usually insured, which includes red and wild boar, foxes, rabbits and wild boars . The damage that cows, sheep or other animals can cause is just as serious - so pay attention to the exact wording.

Letter of protection
This add-on, which is usually subject to a fee, provides important help in the event of breakdowns or accidents at home and abroad. Experience has shown that you can get this insurance cover in combination with your motor vehicle liability insurance cheaper than through an automobile club, according to Stiftung Warentest. However, the services may differ, so it is worth taking a look at the details here too.

Whether these or other criteria are relevant in your specific case naturally depends on the individual requirements and your requirements. In any case, take the time to deal with the details - this way you can be sure that the car insurance comparison that is cheapest for you will be the test winner.

The most important influencing factors: Determine car insurance contributions

These factors are important in the premium calculation, so we pay attention to them separately.

No-claims class
The no-claims class shows how many years you have driven accident-free - every single year is rewarded. The insurance companies convert these SF classes into the no-claims discount: the longer you remain accident-free, the greater the discount. The specific percentages per SF class may vary depending on the company, as the scales are determined individually - from the classification to the downgrading after a settled claim. The decisive factor is the 100 percent premium, from which your exact insurance premium is then calculated.

Professional groups
If you are a civil servant or work in the public sector, you can expect significant discounts on car insurance. In addition, the insurers also grant discounts for other professional groups, which is why you are explicitly asked about your job. However, the offers differ, but with the help of the well-founded insurance comparison, you can quickly find out the cheapest car insurance for you.

Annual mileage
The more you drive your vehicle, the higher not only is the probability of an accident, but also your insurance premium. In return, a relatively low mileage is rewarded with discounts.

User group
The fewer drivers you list as authorized users, the cheaper your car insurance will be. As soon as a confusing group of users or your children have access to your vehicle with a new driver's license, the risks for the insurer increase, as the relevant statistics show.

Workshop binding
If you choose this option, you can take out car insurance for less: if repairs are necessary, you must go to one of the workshops prescribed by the insurance company. The costs are reduced on the basis of framework agreements, which is reflected in your conditions.

Night shelter
The insurers reward the safest possible parking space for your vehicle, the spectrum ranges from the garage to the private carport to the property. The more protected the car is, the cheaper your car insurance. However, pay attention to the wording: the question of whether you have a lockable garage means something different than the question of whether your vehicle is in a locked garage at night.

You can agree deductibles for the comprehensive insurance - separately for partial and comprehensive insurance. In the event of damage, this personal contribution will then be retained from the service. In this way, the insurer saves money and in return reduces the insurance premium for you. Please make sure that you can bear this deductible in an emergency. How the individual variants affect the contribution can be tested in detail in the insurance comparison.

The additional options: Weigh up contributory supplements

In addition to the usual scope of insurance, the insurance companies offer other tariff modules that can expand your scope of insurance. The main options are:

Discount saver
This addition allows you to make one claim per year without being downgraded in your no-claims class.

Accident insurance
The so-called occupant accident insurance relates to the driver and front passenger of your vehicle: If an accident occurs, the contractually agreed benefits will be paid out to the relevant occupants. The decisive factor is the degree of health impairment suffered by the persons involved in the accident. The treatment costs, which are always borne by the health insurance of the injured persons, must be delimited. Passenger accident insurance pays in the event of disability or death.

Traffic Legal Protection Insurance
As part of your cheap car insurance, you can also arrange traffic legal protection insurance for your vehicle. This regularly covers the costs of a lawyer, court fees or expert costs should you become involved in a legal dispute because of your vehicle. Here, too, compare the additional costs with a separate legal protection contract, which offers more extensive insurance cover.

So there are a few things to think about if you want to choose cheap car insurance that really suits your needs. With our explanations, we want to make it easier for you to carry out the important analysis, but also to weigh up the details and thus make a viable decision for one of the current offers - use this potential to your advantage.

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