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Need to get your high school degree quickly and at an affordable price? Looking for top high schools with accredited classes and flexible options for working adults and high school dropouts? Read below and learn more!

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There has been a consistent rise in the number of students and parents who decide to pursue a high school diploma online rather than completing this accomplishment in the traditional way. Now, there are more reasons than ever to consider online learning because of the pandemic, social distance requirements, or perhaps even better opportunities online than a student would be presented with if they went to high school in person. This article will explore many of the main requirements to receive a high school diploma online as well as present some solid options for all students.

What is required to receive a diploma online?

One of the most important requirements for receiving any degree or diploma is the general education requirements. General Education Requirements, or GERs, are basic classes that all students must take. These classes include English, math, science, etc. These are requirements because it is important to determine what a person with a high school diploma should be able to do in terms of academics.

A student pursuing a high school diploma also needs to complete a certain number of credit hours. Each class is worth a certain number of credit hours, usually 1 per class, and it seems most online schools require 22 hours for degree completion. It is also important to remember that some requirements will vary by the school as well as by the state in which you live. For example, New York may have a different set of requirements for GERs, credits, etc than Texas.\

Options for online high schools

James Madison High School

Like many online high schools, James Madison offers three different options for diplomas, a general one, a college prep diploma, and a career pathways option. This means that this high school meets the needs of students who don’t necessarily have the highest grades but it also reaches out to the ones who want to continue their education in college. This school also allows students to enroll anytime, which means it makes the experience flexible rather than a person having to wait for a term to end to apply. If paid in full, turion for James Madison High School is $1,249. You can also pay low monthly payments, even as low as $50.00 per month. James Madison is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).

Stanford University Online High school

Stanford University Online High School is an offshoot of one of the most prestigious universities in the US. This is a private independent school that offers a challenging college prep program for grades 7-12 students who are gifted and talented. Admission is extremely competitive and over 65% of the faculty hold doctorate degrees in their respective fields. The tuition is over $23,000 per year for a full-time student, which is 4-5 classes and they use a traditional school calendar, which means new students must apply for the fall semester. Stanford University Online High School is accredited by WASC and CAIS.

University of Texas online High School

The University of Texas online High School is an umbrella of the well-known university of the same name and serves more than 300 full-time students as well as maintains partnerships with various school districts. UTHS offers a dual credit option for students who want to take courses at a more advanced level and earn college credit. They also offer AP classes, NCAA approved classes and classes for credit recovery. Texas requires 26 credit hours to receive a high school diploma so students take 6-7 classes per semester. UTHS is accredited by the Texas Board of Education and the tuition is $2,700 per semester.

International Virtual Learning Academy

IVLA is a full year-round learning option for students in grades K-12 who are based in California. This school is self-paced and allows students to work on school work at any time; students can also enroll at any point in the school year. This option offers six different curriculums for students to pick: Accelerate, Alpha Omega’s Ignitia, Apex Learning, GradPoint, Odesseyware, or Plato Learning, which means they have something to offer for everyone. The tuition is $3,779 with a $150 yearly subscription; they also offer a discount for military families. The IVLA is accredited by AdvancED.

Brigham Young University Independent Study

This program operates under the Brigham Yung University Continuing Education but happens to be a secular school despite the university being associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This school has three options for students, the standard diploma, the Advanced Program, and the Adult High School diploma program, which means various types of people can attend this online high school. BYUIS also offers AP classes as well as free tutoring for them. The tuition is about $256 per half credit, but the price depends on how the class is taught. It is accredited by AdvancED, NWCCU, NWAC, MSA-CESS, and NC-SARA.

Indiana University High School

Indiana University High School has been around since 1925 with various types of distance learning. For over twenty years, they have been able to offer an online high school diploma so they are one of the most experienced. To earn a diploma, a student must earn 40 credits and students can choose between three different diplomas; the general education, college prep, and academic honors. They also offer dual credit courses. This option for an online high school degree is accredited by AdvancED, NCA, and CITA and the tuition is $252 per course. Students may also qualify for financial aid.

Smart Horizons Career Online High School

This virtual high school is based in Fort Lauderdale FL and was created in 2009 to help lower the nation’s dropout rate for high school students. This school is catered to adult students who are seeking to finish their high school education; they offer both a high school diploma and a career credentialed certificate. Smart Horizons is accredited by AdvancED and the tuition is $1,386. Payment plans can also be agreed upon by the student.

Whitmore School

Formally known as CompuHigh, Whitmore School is the world’s first online high school. This institution seeks to provide a challenging and alternative learning environment that places an emphasis on mastering necessary content. Whitmore offers three options for diplomas, the diploma program, the diploma plus program, and the diploma PLUS with math tutoring program. Each of the three options offers a choice between a general studies track and a college prep track. The tuition for Whitmore School is $1599 per 12 months for the diploma program; $1899 per 12 months for the diploma plus program; $2199 per 12 months for the diploma plus with math tutoring program; $1599 per 12 months for the adult education diploma program. The classes at Whitmore School are self-paced and admissions are open year-round.

The Keystone School

Accredited by both AdvancED and MSA-CESS, The KeyStone School has for a long time offered distance courses and courses for credit recovery. The courses are self-paced and are offered through two different tracks; the college prep track, which has AP courses, and the career track high school diploma. There are also programs for non-traditional students. The Keystone School offers students interactive lessons, one on one access to their teachers, the use of a resource library, and many other educational tools. The tuition for The Keystone School is $399 per course.

Choosing the right online high school can be a tough decision. You have to make sure that it offers the type of diploma you need, has the proper accreditation, and makes sense for you financially. This list of online high schools compiles the best of the best and includes options that will work for all types of students,

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