Explaining Quality Assurance in Software Development

Quality Assurance (QA) has the importance of the backbone in software development. All the experts in this field are of the view that this work is peerless and of sheer importance. This process is very different from all other software development works. In QA, it is the duty of the team to make sure that their product must have all the ingredients required by the users to make the use of an application easy and user friendly. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about QA in software development.

Explaining QA in Software Development:

Quality Assurance is a process that emphasizes the importance of maintaining and identifying the requirements for reliable and user-friendly products. If the QA system is well developed, the credibility of a company will be sky-rocketed. The users will have surging confidence in the products of that company and there will be an excessive flow of the products and the atmosphere of a competitive market will be built. The standard operating procedure in QA is often accredited to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This is the reason you often see QA paired with the ISO international standard. ISO is the standard procedure and every company tries to provide QA as in the ISO.

Quality Assurance is Different from Software Testing:

People remain confused to differ between the QA and Software Testing. This is because both these processes are interchangeable and the purpose behind both is to move software towards perfection and free of errors and irregularities.

But, the simple difference is that QA’s purpose is to make the quality of the software as per the demands of clients. The clients just like the working of a particular application. They should find it easy while using and they get all the needs they expect from the application. The experts of QA remain focused on the development and implementation of all the processes that are necessary for the development of software. All the protocols and steps should be followed while developing software. It is a process that evolves and changes with the time as per the required needs.

On the other side of the mirror, Software Testing is more focused on the errors and defects in the software. This is a hectic and long procedure in which the testers take a detour to check if the software is working properly or not if there are any defects in the software. One thing that should be kept in mind that software testing is responsible for the quality control process. Moreover, their work is only to detect the bugs and not to correct them.

How QA is Different from Quality Control:

It remains an enigma for the masses to create a difference between quality assurance and quality control. Both are quite different as QA is more concerned with preventive measures while quality control is more oriented towards corrective processes. In Quality Assurance, everyone is involved while quality control is the process that is done by a specialized team of testers. However, all these terms are different but still; there are parts of these that are intricate in such a way that baffle the mind of the users and the workers. Quality control is a sub-branch of quality assurance and software testing is a sub-branch of quality control.

Why it is Very Important to Maintain the Quality of Software?

The importance of QA has already been discussed however we will further enlighten the importance of QA. In the arena of software development, QA focuses to maintain and provide products and services as per the expectations and requirements of the users. It works to produce a high-quality product to satisfy the customers and to earn their loyalty. QA team can follow the set standards by the ISO to create software without any interruption and issues. Depending upon the task, QA can be used to produce products of different qualities in which certain subtasks can be missed. This will not create much difference because an application is needed to be changed as per requirements and time.

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