Gaining Weight after Leaving Drugs Addiction

People who are once addicted to drugs often find it difficult to leave them. When this routine of addiction prolongs, the user starts losing weight day by day and becomes skinny. A movie came out in 2000 after the name “Requiem for a Dream” which is based on drug addiction and its effects. The repercussions of drugs are shown with addicts becoming a fanatic, skinny, skittish, and bumbling excuses. In this movie, one can easily witness the impacts of drugs with an addict moving from a completely healthy body to deteriorating health. Losing weight is one of the very first symptoms of drugs. You can see the drug addict losing its weight in no time and you know that this person is addicted to drugs. The addicts of cocaine lose weight but such people are also fast at gaining weight once they commence recovery period. Some people have Substance Use Disorder (SUD) which is the reason for losing or gaining weight on the use of drugs. If your condition is at the most dangerous level that you feel like you have not eaten for almost a week, it might be really difficult for you to gain weight instantly. It will take time to recover. A very close friend of mine started recovering from this stage. Only in the time of a few months, he gained 30 pounds which is quite a tough ask. Most of you might not believe it but there is nothing in this world that a person cannot do. It is not like that he has recovered completely. He will take another two years to recover completely and to gain another 30 pounds to become as healthier as any normal healthy person. In this article, we will discuss a few tips to gain weight and stay healthy.

Having Bananas:

Banana is a boon for those who are recovering from drug addiction and trying to gain weight. The reason for this statement is that bananas do not have high sugar and calorie content. Moreover, magnesium and potassium are the two nutrients that are essential for the masses who are recovering from drugs. You should not be worried about the sugar content of bananas because it is far less than the sugar content in the snacks you eat.

Having Good Sleep:

Sleep is indispensable for gaining weight and staying healthy. This is one of the most difficult works for addicts. They cannot sleep unless they ran out of drugs. This is why such people stay awake for a very long time and do not get to sleep. This prolonged period of wakefulness deteriorates their health.

Doing a Little Physical Exertion:

A little physical exertion along with a better diet and complete sleep makes it a perfect combo to recover with the bullet’s pace. Once you begin a little physical exertion, you would notice legible changes in your body. You would gain mass and feel yourself to be stronger than before. It is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health will be improved.

Attending 12-Step Meetings:

It is very pertinent for you to find a 12-step meeting around you. In this meeting, you may get to eat doughnuts and other foods full of calories. Moreover, when you attend the sobriety anniversary of different people, you witness new experiences of people. These meetings boost you to further strengthen your aim of getting healthier. In addition to it, such parties are always full of high-calorie foods.

Consume Protein and Carbs:

You need to consume a lot of carbs and protein to stay healthy. Your diet must have fresh salad in your daily cravings. You can also eat a piece of chicken with a salad to gain weight. Such a diet will not add fats but carbs and muscles will be added to your diet. You would be healthy once you start making such the right choices. The food full of carbs and fresh fruits and vegetables will make you ready to live a healthy life.

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