How to Minimize the Side-effects of Cannabis in Seniors

Cannabis has produced disastrous results in the seniors. When a person is in the latter half of his age, he/she remains vulnerable to all the outside attacks, cannabis remains one of them. In the USA and a few other countries, cannabis has been declared as schedule-1 drugs. This is why people have little information about this drug. They remain unaware of the quantity need to be taken off this drug because of the unavailability of prescription and proper guidance. A large number of issues and diseases have been generated because of the uncertain use of this drug. The cognitive issues and brain diseases have occurred because of excessive use of marijuana. In seniors, the issue of kidney and liver are seen too often. Moreover, diseases like low blood pressure and brain injury are also legible. In the case of senior women, mood swings are common during menopause because of the uncertain use of marijuana. A survey was conducted by BDS Analytics in 2017 which concluded that menopause, sex, and menstruation were the most common reasons for consuming cannabis. However, an uncertain use of cannabis paves the way for multiple diseases in seniors. These diseases can be countered by using a few tips which are discussed in this article.

Proper Use of Cannabis with Coumadin:

It is advised for the seniors to use cannabis in the proper amount because it is disastrous for them if used irresponsibly. Most of the seniors use Coumadin (an anticoagulant) with cannabis which thins the blood. Once the blood gets thin, the numbers of platelets start decreasing. Moreover, such a person remains vulnerable to bruises and bleeding. This is why a proper amount of cannabis should be used.

Consult your Doctor:

No article can explain the experience of meeting the doctor personally. It is a must to consult your doctor first whenever such a situation arises. In the case of marijuana, the same formula applies. The dose you take must be on the lines given by the doctor or pharmacist. In this way, the repercussions of cannabis can be reduced to greater effect.

Keep the Dose Level Optimal:

In normal circumstances, the dose prescribed by the doctor does not exceed 60mg in a day. This is why you have to take care of the dose you take. It must be under the prescribed limit. If one exceeds this level, the chances of deadly diseases increase.

Stay Well-Hydrated:

It is a must for a senior to keep himself hydrated if he wants to avert the side-effects of cannabis. The seniors who do not care about the hydration level, suffer from other severe diseases. This kind of person is prone to dizziness and falling.

Avoid Sleeping Pills:

It is strictly prohibited by experts to avoid sleeping pills if one is using cannabis. A large number of people in the USA use sleeping pills. A study concludes that Americans spend more than $41 billion on sleeping pills every year. If a senior who uses cannabis and takes sleeping pills, it is highly likely that he/she will undergo paranoia.

Use for Heart Patients:

It is very dangerous for patients having heart history. As per the documented researches, heart patients are most vulnerable to cannabis. Still if a senior wants to take cannabis, it is indispensable to consult the doctor first and should not take any dose without consultation.

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