How to Sharpen your Memory

In the current age, memory loss and memory weakness are more common. Usually, it is understood that shortness of memory comes with the age but the case is otherwise. There is no concrete work to support this idea however memory lapses can be because of malfunctioning of organs and diseases that come with them. Brain injuries, Alzheimer’s and neurological issues are more common reasons for it. As we grow older, our organs become weaker and the reflexes do not work properly. This is when you find things distracting you from your work. You cannot recall information correctly but the evolution of science and researches have brought us to understand this issue aptly. Let’s discuss a few ways to sharpen the memory loss issue.

Always Keep Learning:          

Learning is the way to go and ace this memory issue. It is well understood that a person who exercises daily has better health than those who do not. The pieces of research unravel that advanced education and constant learning and reading refresh your mind to work properly and efficiently. This is the way to sharpen your memory. If one keeps on challenging his brain all the time with a new puzzle, scientific research, art or design, trying to design a new garden layout, reading a book, and discussing with his friends the novel ideas; it is highly likely that he will see a legible difference in memory.

Use Multiple Senses to Remember:

If you use multiple senses to memorize things, you will be able to recall and retain information far more easily. In one study, a few masses were shown emotionally neutral pictures with emotionally neutral music. Afterward, a series of pictures were shown without any music and were asked to point out the pictures from them which were shown before. They easily pointed out the former pictures which were shown with the pictures. With the help of brain imaging, it was indicated that the auditory cortex (part of a brain that processes auditory information) becomes active when music is used with the pictures. This study along with many other show that memory becomes better and better if multiple senses are used.

Always Believe in Yourself:

The myths of aging and having short memory pave the way towards pessimism and a lack of learning. These negative adages of society compel you towards failing memory. As one grows older, the issues of memory are inevitable but negative attitudes of society further deteriorate the situation. A piece of research by Harvard University unravels if a person has a positive attitude and does not allow the taboo of bad memory inflict upon him to do very well in terms of memory. On the other hand, those who are haunted by the feelings of bad memory and maintain a negative attitude suffer more than others.

Economize your Brain:

If the burden on your brain is lesser and the dates and works like the place of your leys, mobile, wallet, and the birth dates of your friends and family; you become in a better position to remember the important information. Use the benefits of science and technology to greater effect by taking full advantage of calendars, reminders, maps, shopping lists, books, and file folders. It is perfect to designate a place for all these things and it becomes your habit to find those things in that particular place. You will not need to remember this extra information. This is how your brain will get a soothing effect and you will be able to remember the more important things.

Keep on Repeating what you Want to Remember:

This is one of the easiest and best ways to retain information in your brain. Whatever you want to remember should be read out loud again and again or might be written. This is how you can remember or you can make someone remember the important information. If one task is repeated again and again your brain gets enough time to retain that information. Moreover, in this process, multiple senses are used. As one reads something loud, he is speaking and listening to it at once. Moreover, if one also writes the information, the sense of sight and movement of hands are also involved. This makes it a perfect treat for memory and memorization.

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