Most Visited Places in Germany

Germany is very beautiful, mesmerizing, delightful, and one of the most versatile countries. Germany is full of all the amazing repertoire of fairytale castles, deep forests, breathtaking natural beauty, streams, rivers, picture-perfect infrastructure, and beautiful roads. The heavenly beer, sumptuous food, Christmas Markets, and amusement parks will build around you a fascinating web of beauty and you will fall in love with Germany for a good. In this article, we will try to explore a few must-visit places in Germany to draw a clear picture of Germany.


Berlin is a capital city of Germany full of colors, designs, music, fashion, and breathtaking art. This Berlin presents the opposite picture of what it had during the times of the Cold War. Due to the collection of wide cultures, Berlin is sometimes referred to as the capital of Europe. This German capital city is a place that suffices the needs of every person. It has a bit of everything to satisfy the needs and wishes of every kind of person. If you are a night person, it presents glorious nights in it. It is a place having more than 170 museums, philharmonics, galleries, and artifacts that depict the story of the past and portray what happened in this city.

The places to see in Berlin include the Museum Island in the Spree River, a stopover at the East side of the gallery that has paintings from the artists on the Berlin wall. You can go to Kurfürstendamm for shopping which is the most famous avenue in the city. Berlinese coffee is a must to taste when you are in Berlin.


Cologne is a 2000-year-old city spanning over the Rhine river is a cultural hub of Germany. You can find the world’s most impressive cathedrals, amazing art scenes, and warm people of Cologne in one place. It is a perfect holiday destination whether you are looking for entertainment, thermal baths, or a sublime culture. Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and a place not to miss while your trip to Germany. The places to watch in Germany include UNESCO nominated cathedral (Kolner Dom), Altstadt the old town full of historical buildings and relics, and the Hohenzollern Bridge is also a famous location in Cologne. Moreover, the advanced and fashionable areas in the Belgian Quarter and Agnesviertel are also a treat to watch for the tourists.

The Romantic Road

If you want to explore Germany the most, the Romantic Road is the place where you should take a drive at least. It is the place that allows you to know the rich culture of Germany to a greater effect. It is a picturesque 350 km long road in Southern Germany that leads through forests, mountains and a lot of towns. This road finds itself between the Fussen and Wurzburg. During your journey on this road, you find the beauty of the medieval culture of Neuschwanstein Castle, Rothenburg, scintillating Pfaffwinkel region comprising of old villages and their beauty. Due to tourists’ attraction towards this road, it gets busier during the summers but the kind of beautiful experience it provides comprising of art, natural beauty, history, and culture is nowhere else to be found.


Bamberg is a scenic city built on the seven hills and it is often declared as the Rome of Franconia. The beer culture of Bamberg is no secret to anyone. The cobblestone streets, bewitching mansions, and preserved half-timber structures remain the attractions for the tourists. Other places to watch include 11th-century cathedral, the City Hall which is built on an island, and the colorful houses of the fishermen living along the Regnitz River.


Gorlitz is unarguably the most beautiful city in Germany. It lies in the most eastern part of Germany connecting Germany with Poland. The architecture consisting of Renaissance and Gothic to Wilhelminian and Baroque are fabulous.  The scintillating and beautiful squares of Gorlitz are always on the top list of tourists going there. The colorful cafes, delicious food, and most amazing amenities must be on the to-do list while traveling to Gorlitz.

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