The Must Visit Places in New York City-2

9/11 Museum and Memorial:

9/11 Museum and Memorial is a place where now Freedom Tower has replaced the infamous World Trade Centre. You can watch the lower Manhattan from this place and amuse yourselves with the beauty of Manhattan. This is a place that provides you an insightful view of the place which once witnessed the great tragedy. This place honors the 3000 people who succumb to the heinous attack of 9/11. It is a must to go there after buying enough time for yourself because you would not be able to witness the importance of this place if you are in a hurry. You can also witness two pools that are constructed right in the footprint of the original twin towers. Those pools carry the names of the people who were killed in this heinous attack.

Freedom Tower

Brooklyn Bridge:

Brooklyn Bridge is the place that connects lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is one of the places that depict the true image of what New York looks like. The traffic here is enormous and the elevated walk path allows you to witness one of the busiest places in New York City. It is the most celebrated bridge in the world. This steel suspension bridge is there since 1883 and connected the people of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Every day, thousands of cars and vehicles pass through this bridge and pedestrians also jog here. Under the bridge, you can probably find the best pizza in the US. You can visit Juliana’s Pizza which is often referred to as the best pizza in the US.

Brooklyn Bridge


New York City is no doubt a true picture of what a cosmopolitan city looks like. When you enter and exit different blocks of New York City, you find it like leaving and entering a new culture or a new country. The diversity of New York City is matchless because people from around the world come here for business purposes and Chinatown is one of those. The shops, culture, dresses, architecture, food, and massage of Chinatown are the things that distinguish them from others. Moreover, sunglasses, jewelry, sidewalks, illuminating buildings, and parlors are also mesmerizing. If you are a foodie, I would suggest you visit Mott, Broome, and Grand streets for tasty and cheap food. The therapeutic massages they offer are nowhere else to be found in the US. In short, Chinatown has too much to offer but no one can compete Chinatown in the US when it comes to food and massage.


Times Square:                      

Times Square is one of the busiest places in the world and sometimes referred to as the heart of the world or “the center of the Universe”. It is the place where the first lighted billboard enlightened the area in the year 1904. This place became brighter and brighter with every passing day. People who are visiting Times Square for the first time should go there at night to witness its magnanimity. You can also find the world’s most revered characters like Batman and Lady of Liberty to get the pictures for Instagram. The food here is heavenly and the pizzas here are too tasty.

Times Square

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