Tips to Save Money on Health Insurance

One should always be conscious about health but nowadays it has been in fashion to take of the health. Everybody is so concerned about their fitness and health, people going to gym and making diet plans is a day to day habit now. People have started to spend more on their health in the form of gym fees and diet plans. But the health premiums have always been a big chunk in the health expense. Reducing the health insurance premium can help you save more, but you have to know tips and tricks to reduce the health insurance premium so that you don’t have to compromise your health. Following are some tips and tricks to reduce health insurance premium.

Getting rid of the Habits that destroy Health

People adopt nasty habits like smoking, which can take up to 50% of your health premium. While smoking destroys your health and reduces your life span, it also eats up half of your health premium. Go for healthier lifestyle and save money. Go for healthier options walk, run, go to gym eat healthy and stop smoking, go get a patch!  

Increase the Deductible

This technique is rather more technical, by increasing the deductible the premium can be decreased significantly. The deductible can only be raised when you and your family are in exceptionally good health and there is a minimum risk of emergency. This can only be achieved when you get your vaccinations and routine checkups, and you also do the preventive cares which are practically free.    

Increase the Co-Insurance

Co-insurance ratio is the figure that shows how much you have to pay after the deductible. The change in co-insurance ratio can reduce the premium significantly. Usually this ratio is around 80/20, where 80% is the amount paid by the company and 20% by you after the deductible. By changing this ratio, you can decrease the monthly premium by paying more.

Running to the doctor all the time will cost you more

Reduce your visits to the doctor by taking care of your health. But do keep in mind, there is no need to go to the doctor when you feel slight ailment. Go for natural treatments and home remedies. Go to the doctor only when the ailment prolongs but be aware keep track of your health and ailment. Home remedies for slight ailments like cold sore, sore throats and diarrhea can be more effective.

Reduce your cost with In-network Doctors

Always find a doctor that satisfies you and makes you happy, do keep in mind that half of your ailment is gone when you have a satisfied visit. Always find a doctor in the network that satisfies you, this will reduce your visits to the doctors and also switching the doctors increase your cost. Always find a satisfactory doctor in your network or be ready to pay more with out-of-network charges.

Go for Generic Name of Medicine

Always ask your doctor to give you generic name of the prescribed medicine, as generic medicines are less cheap than the branded ones and in most of the cases more effective as well. You can always ask the doctor for the free samples as well, this will minimize your medicine cost.

Be aware of Coverage Inclusions

You should always know the coverage inclusions of your health insurance. Be aware of the estimated cost, in some of the cases low cost alternatives are available. Get your doctor in confidence, discuss everything with your doctor in detail, and explain your ailment and the doctor can reduce your test costs significantly. At the end, you can only decrease your health insurance cost by staying healthy. Eat healthy, workout, stay away from bad habits and you will have minimum health cost.

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