Top Rated Business Universities

Northwestern University:

Northwestern University is another charismatic university of the US that was founded in 1851 and located in Evanston, Chicago Illinois. It also has regional campuses in San Francisco and Doha, Qatar. This university consistently finds its place in the top 10 universities in the world when it comes to spending money for research purposes. It spends more around $550 million every year for research. This university lies near Chicago which gives business students easy access to the markets of Chicago. They can easily reach out there to gather business ideas. It gives them a great opportunity to explore the business world and be prepared for practical life. Northwestern University is a great place for business students for it had student development programs in collaboration with the best universities in the world. Northwestern students are encouraged to participate voluntarily in the charity programs during their summer break. They are also sent on Sustainable Development projects to poor countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. Northwestern University also has Kellogg School of Management which has the best MBA two-year program in the US. Their MBA program is a tempting degree for all the brilliant students in the US and the world.

University of Pennsylvania:

The University of Pennsylvania lies in the middle of Philadelphia and was founded by one of the most amazing personalities, Benjamin Franklin. The history of the University of Pennsylvania goes back to colonial America. This university was established on the model multidisciplinary studies. It is also accredited with the opening of the first medical school in America. The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania always finds its place in the top 10 business schools in the world. This is because of the immense effort that is put by Wharton School to facilitate and prepare its students. They apprise their students about the start-up opportunities available as well as the case studies of the successful businessmen. This sheer effort prepares its students to be global leaders and executives. The University of Pennsylvania also has regional campuses in the US and overseas. The sports and athletics opportunities available at Penn prepare the students to conquer the world in the arena of sports. Penn is a place where one can have a religious, cultural, political, and social understanding because of its affiliation with different organizations.

The University of Virginia:

The University of Virginia is founded by the third president of the US Thomas Jefferson. He also wrote the constitution of the US. The University of Virginia is the only university in the US that is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. In contemporary times, this university finds its place in the elitist group of universities in the US. It lies in Charlottesville, Virginia. The University of Virginia is very different from what normal universities look like. The atmosphere at the University of Virginia is like where students are offered at lunch and dinner by the teachers on the campus. This practice builds a strong bond between them. They can also talk about education anywhere and anytime. The Darden School of Business is the business school of UVA. This school is one of the elitist group schools. The doctorate and graduate programs of this school are brilliant and up-to-date. The faculty of Darden School is experienced and skillful. They can only teach at Darden School if they have at least 10 years of experience in the practical field. The extensive experience and the atmosphere of school make it the best place in the US to admit your children. UVA also offers visas to students of more than 45 countries who can come and live there in the hostels with other students. This program is arranged to assimilate the different cultures and understand each other. Under this program, the students learn to understand different cultures and have exposure to the world. They also offer more than 750 students every year a sea voyage to more than 12 countries. They spend almost 100 days on that voyage and get a chance to know about different cultures and countries.

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