Understanding the Characteristics and Mistakes in Quality Assurance-Software Development

There are two QA approaches namely defect management approach and quality attributes approach. Any element in the software which is not required by the customers is known as a defect of the software. This happens when the worker does not fully understand the requirements of the customers and this is prone to failing.

On the other side, quality attributes are dependent upon the achievement of six characteristics that are discussed below separately.


Functionality includes appropriate software and its proper implementation. Moreover, it is also concerned with its interaction with other components of the system. It also comprises the data security and the compliance of an app with the laws and guidelines. All these elements are covered in functionality.


The working of software is checked under specific conditions and it is also seen how this process fails. The time of recovery after its crash is also noticed and checked in reliability.


The use of software should be easy and every user finds it easy to handle and comprehend the working of the software. Moreover, hoe much concentration is needed to understand software easily should also be evaluated.


Efficiency is very important for the success of software. The development team should follow perfect coding practices while developing software. The team of developers should keep in mind the efficiency of software while developing it.


Maintainability includes multiple functions like identifying and fixing the issues in the software. It also includes finding the principal reason behind the breakdown of the system. The effort required to correct the fault and the performance of software while modifying it is also included in maintainability.


Portability is the process to see if the system adapts to the changes in the environment and the easiness in installing the software. Moreover, the replacement of the system in a specific environment is also seen.

Common Mistakes that QA Teams Make in Software Development:

There are a few common mistakes committed by the QA teams while managing, maintaining, and implementing the software.

Failure to Assess the Defect

If a team of QA fails in analyzing and assessing the occurrence of defects in software, it is highly possible that there will be repeated defects in the system. This is one of the most common mistakes committed by the QA team in software development.

Hesitant in Asking Question

This is an evil practice to not ask questions in QA. This leads to mistakes and failures in life. It is seen in most of the fields including academics, professional, and QA software development too. People think it a negative gesture if they ask anything related to work to their peers or a team. These mistakes should be averted to touch the glory.

Mishandling the Automation

This is one of the contemporary mistakes committed by QA software developers. If there is any problem with automation, they use semi-automated solutions to correct them. However, automation issues should only be corrected through automation tools.

Paying Less Heed towards User Experience

The experience of clients in using application matters the most in this field. QA developers have to keep a profound eye towards the customer and to fulfill the requirements of the users. Sometimes, clients are bewildered in the whirl of software and cannot use the application properly which leads to the lack of use of an application. This is how your customer and clients leave using your application and the traffic on your application disappears. This leads to your failure which was only possible because of paying less heed to the customers.

Blaming Others for Bugs

Working in the environment of a team of software developers becomes troublesome in some cases. This is where the blame game begins. No one should be blamed for the bugs because bugs appear only in the weak and faulty system. It is a team effort to develop a system that should be strong and sustain it. 

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