Why SUVs are Becoming Popular

The popularity of SUVs is growing and SUVs have become the talk of the town. It is also believed in the automotive industry that SUVs will soon take over the most popular Sedans. Let me talk about the history of SUVs first: Porsche was on the verge of bankruptcy in the 1990s. Their annual production of the vehicles came down from 50000 units in 1990 to only 14000 units in 1993. This is when the SUV was born and ever since then the sales of Porsche have gone sky-rocketed. SUVs are also colossally criticized among the automotive industry because of not being an ideal vehicle for the use. But, this is not true because when a product is popular among the masses; it is criticized by the rivals to slander it. If anyone is not aware of the importance of SUVs; it is for sure that he/she does not have a proper understanding of the vehicle.

Best Performing Vehicle:

SUVs are among the best performing vehicles because of their extensive seating capacity, increasing safety reassurance, carrying facilities, elevated seats positioning, and gas consumption friendliness. In terms of small-size SUVs; 2020 Chevrolet Equinox and 2020 Honda CR-V 4-door SUV are regarded as best performing vehicles for the year 2020 by IIHS. When it comes to mid-size SUVs; the 2020 Ford Edge 4-door SUV has won the distinction of best performing vehicle by IIHS. If we see in large vehicles; 2020 Audi Q8 4-door SUV has the distinction of best performing vehicle for the current year.

The Distinguishing Factor:

Multiple factors distinguish SUVs from other cars but the ability to carry equal and more luggage when compared to the Wagons is very amazing. Gone are the days when people used wagons for carrying their luggage. Now, it is time for more appealing SUVs. The outlook of SUVs is far better than those of wagons. Moreover, the market is also diverted towards the SUVs. This is also one of the reasons; people are more interested in SUVs.

Carrying Facility:

There is a comfortable 6-seat facility available in most of the SUVs. In some SUVs, with the inclusion of a third row, this capacity increases to 8 seats. This is a large-sized SUV for a bigger family. Another awesome feature is folding rear seatbacks. These seats can be folded to expand the storage for extra luggage. So, if you are a smaller family; you can you this extra space for your extra luggage.

Gasoline Consumption Friendly:

The older models of SUVs were considered to be very expensive when it came to the consumption of gasoline. But the story is very different in the case of newer models. The latest models of SUVs are very friendly in terms of fuel consumption. Moreover, the price of oil and gas has usually remained on the lower side. This is also one of the reasons; the affordability of the masses has gone up. Moreover, electric SUVs are also launched by many companies including; Kia, Toyota, and Hyundai. This has also heightened the interest of people in SUVs.

Elevated Seat Positioning:

The elevated seats of SUVs are also proven to be a catalyst for their increasing popularity. Due to this elevated seat positioning; a driver can see very far and clear when stuck in a long line of traffic jams. It is also easier to park in contracted spaces. Moreover, a driver feels comfortable with high seats and this is a psychological effect.

Safety Reassurances:

As per the reports of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), SUVs have the lowest crashing rate when it comes to the rollover-fatalities per million vehicles. It is generally accepted that people feel safe in large vehicles when they are surrounded by maximum mass around their bodies. Furthermore, the clear visibility provided by elevated seats also plays a role in enhanced safety. Most SUVs also provide four-wheel drive; which provides extra grip and remains very beneficial in extremely cold conditions.

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