How to Brainstorm before Writing an Essay

Writing an appealing essay is an art and most of the students remain confused to write an appealing essay. If you are looking forward to writing a long essay; you need to know how to fulfill its content requirement. This requirement is fulfilled only if you know the right way of brainstorming.

The Art of BrainStorming:

It is the first and foremost part before writing an essay. You can also do this by mind mapping. In this article, I’ll talk about the techniques of brainstorming upon which your whole essay depends.

Historical Relation:

Start with the historical relation of the topic and think in mind whatever you know about the topic in history. The keyword here is “history”. If the topic, for instance, is “The Key to Good Governance”; you can recall any example of good governance from the past. Those examples may come from the early Greeks, the State of Medina, or the Roman Empire. Whatever you know from history and relates to our topic; you can write it in the form of bullets.

Political Aspects:

Then comes political aspects, think about the political aspects that correlate with your topic and from where you can pick examples to support your arguments in the essay. Again, I would take the example of the same topic of good governance. You can discuss the best political system you know around you. It is not binding that you have to go with the democracy; you can choose the system of your likings and understanding but it is important to prove your point with concrete arguments. You can go with Authoritarianism, Socialism, Dictatorship, Monarchy and any other but support your claim with strong arguments.

Economic Side:

It is always pertinent to discuss the economic side of the given topic. Indeed, almost everything is directly or indirectly connected to the financial needs of a person. In the case of good governance; the economy is very relevant. Again, you can follow the same drill and look for examples of the good governance that come to your mind. The policies adopted by Europe during the Renaissance Period proved to be fruitful in elevating the economic lives of the masses. This can be an example, you can easily think of the best suitable examples for your topic.

Effects on Society:

Society is always connected with almost every issue that is faced by mankind. This is why this aspect is always related to your essay. Think of the relatedness of the topic with society. In terms of “The Key to Good Governance”, the role of society is indispensable. An inclusive effort is always needed for the success of governance. This inclusive effort can only come from the overall society. A collective effort is needed. As an example, it was the collective effort of all 13 colonies of America that the dream of the USA came true. It would not have been possible if society had not been on one page.

Technical Aspects:

In this age of technology, you can relate almost everything with technology. From the digitalization of the Bible to Robotics, we are surrounded by technology. You can describe the role of technology in case of any topic. In terms of good governance, technology is surely a key because it is the technology that distinguishes the developed world from the underdeveloped states. The USA is a superpower only because of technology. China is the next big thing in the world: They should be thankful for technology.


You can also discuss many other sides of the topic using schema and your background knowledge regarding the subject.

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