Mango-The King of Fruits

Mangoes are certainly known as The King of Fruits and there is no second opinion in it. Those who have not tasted it may disagree but those who have tasted it could not agree more. Historically, the cultivation of mangoes dates back to almost 25-30 million years. The areas which are rich in the production of mangoes come under the territory of Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. This fruit is considered sacred in the Hindu religion and it is discussed in Hindu scriptures. Lord Buddha also used to meditate in the serenity of Mango groves. The taste of Mango is heavenly and sumptuous. It is not only the taste that makes it King of Fruits but also the multiple benefits that come with it. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of mangoes for the health of humans.

Good for Digestive System:

Mangoes are very healthy for better digestion. This fruit carries enzymes that help in breaking down fiber and protein which keep the digestive system to work optimally. The presence of dietary fiber also diminishes cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The green mangoes are enriched with fiber that is mandatory for a healthy lifestyle.

Maintains Healthy Gut:

The scalp of mango is full of bacteria that nourish the bacteria which is good for the gut. A healthy gut means a healthy person. If your gut is not healthy, it means you will have a poor digestive system, faulty metabolism, asthma, and other health-related issues.

Strengthens Immunity:

Mangoes are essential for boosting the immunity of a person. The average-sized mango carries enough amount of vitamin C required for an average person for the whole day. It also carries the antioxidants which are inevitable to maintain the strong immune system and also helps in impeding the cold and flu.

 Promotes Eye Health:

Mangoes are a great remedy for the vision and overall health of a person. These are a perfect cure for keeping the eye health optimal. Mangoes are enriched with beta-carotene that produces vitamin A in a body. These antioxidants improve eye health, helps in fighting against the macular degeneration that occurs with the age.

Keeps the Cholesterol Level Optimal:

LDL cholesterol causes the vessels to hinder the blood flow and creates blockages in the vessels. This causes severe diseases and in most cases leads to a heart attack. Mangoes are very high in fiber that keeps the cholesterol level on the lower side. Cholesterol levels can easily be regulated by eating mangoes in your diet.

Keeps the Skin Healthy:

Vitamin A and vitamin C are necessary for keeping the skin healthy and blemish-free. Mangoes contain both of these essential vitamins and eliminate the dead pores. Dermatologists are of the same view that mangoes contain fibers that are good for gut and a healthy gut means healthy skin.

Can be Eaten by Diabetic Patients:

Mangoes are very sweet but these can be eaten by diabetic patients. If we see the glycemic index of mangoes, its sweetness level ranges from 40 to 60 with averaging around 50. In terms of glycemic index scale, this level is on the lower side. This means that mango does not release sugar instantly in the blood and keeps the blood sugar level optimal. Moreover, the dietary fibers in mangoes keep the blood sugar level normal.

Helps in Weight Loss:

Mangoes help lose weight if not eaten in abundance. The phytochemicals present in the skin of the mangoes burn the fats in the body. The flesh of mangoes creates satiety which does not let a person eat too much and the weight of a person remains on the lower side. Mango is a fruit with high fiber content and keeps a person satiated for a longer period.

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