How Technology Affects Our Brain

In the age of technology revolution, where we have benefitted from it; the damages it has left on our brains and memory are magnanimous. It has changed the way we think, operate, communicate, and entertain. We are so much dependent upon the smartphones that we cannot even spend a day without our gadgets. With all these changes, the way our brains used to perceive information has also changed. A survey conducted by Gallup suffices that more than 50 percent of the masses check their phones a few times in an hour. This percentage crosses the mark of 70 percent when counted exclusively in young people. Another survey illustrates that more than 63 percent of people cannot even live without their gadgets. In this age of digitalization, it is now confirmed that we cannot live without technology but we are alien to the dire repercussions it may have on our brains. In this article, we will discuss some serious effects of mobiles and other tools of technology on our brains and memory.

More Digressions and Lesser Attention Spans:

Before the advent of the iPhone, iPads, and androids; an average individual could concentrate for 12 seconds. This attention span has now curved downwards to eight seconds. You would be amazed to know that even goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds. This drastic loss in our lives is credited to the ever so growing web of technology around us. There is always something trending and going viral. Even our phones are winking all the time to let us know if there is something new that has arrived on it. Our relationships, ability to learn, and productivity have grossly affected by this technology growth. All of our instincts are damaged in the worst possible manner. We cannot contemplate profoundly anymore because of the lack of serenity around us.

We Improved Our Multitasking Ability at the Expense of Brain Efficiency:

We are very happy at our performances that we can perform several actions at once. This includes talking on the phone, watching Netflix, and texting at the same time. It is really impressive because researches show otherwise. It is really difficult for a person to execute multiple similar activities at the same time but we have done it. However, it has left its impact on the efficiency of the brain and now it is harder for a brain to retain information.

Technology Addiction:

Indeed, we have become technology addicts. You would admit that you leave your ongoing work to check the message if your phone rings. You also check your Twitter and Facebook TL now and then. A special kind of gratification is felt while checking social media multiple times a day. Moreover, there is a lot of youth addicted to gaming especially PUBG nowadays. There is also video clips addiction. All these kinds of addictions have made us alien to our ambiance. We are unaware of what is going on around us.

Lessened Face-to-Face Interaction:

Our face-to-face interaction is decreasing with pace because of the surge in technology. One can easily notice now that people sitting in one room are busy on their phones instead of talking to each other. A device in their hands has become even more important than the living people around them. They are indifferent to the people around them or the situations around them. Even the emotions are now expressed by the emojis. This has deteriorated our communication and emotional skills. The children growing in this age of technology do not develop certain communication skills and cannot react to certain emotions. They are living the life of zombies. This technology has benefitted us but has left us with some serious destruction of minds to bear.

Memory Loss:

The inflictions of technology on our memories are severe and overt. Multiple pieces of research show that our new generation is more forgetful than seniors. We can thank technology for this gift that it has made our youth forgetful. If we are to remember anything, our working memory transfers the information to our long-term memory. For doing this, attentiveness is needed with no distraction during that time. But we are always exposed to new information all the time that we cannot even get time to digest the former information.

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